A Quick Look at My Family Tree

Like most Canadians, I am of very mixed heritage – which has lead to many exciting research opportunities:

  • A multitude of meandering Scots from the Highlands to the Scottish Borders
  • Norwegians who migrated from Norway to the USA to Canada
  • Landed gentry and vicars in Wales
  • Irish immigrants by the boatload
  • German Paletines
  • Old New England families like the Macks and the Chamberlains
  • Bretons who wound up in Rennes and Paris and a little later Canada!!

It is my goal to eventually share stories of my ancestors with my readers and to hopefully break down some brick walls and chat about DNA testing as well.

First, for those who are interested a link to my tree and the work I’ve been doing on WikiTree. That’s the best place to keep up to date with my most recent activity and get a look in more detail at my personal pedigree.

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