Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog – Pedigrees and Progenies!

Why start a blog you ask? Well, I have been involved in researching my personal ancestry since I was about 14 years old. My great-grandmother, Eileen Law, gave me a binder one visit that was full of photographs of her family (my paternal grandmother’s family) and stories of all my ancestors on her side of the tree. And my great-aunt Eileen Laing had told me stories of my paternal grandfather’s ancestors as long as I can remember. She had these portraits in her spare room that seemed terrifying as a child, especially in long evening shadows, but the stories she told of them were so wonderful I knew better than to be afraid. And then my great-grandmother on my maternal grandmother’s side wrote me part of her memoirs to share with me. Well, I took all this information in and have been collecting ever since. Still searching, still amassing information, and I’d love to share it with anyone it might be of interest to.

What kind of name is that? Pedigrees and Progenies – to me 1) it has alliteration in it. Being a literary and journalism junkie I love any kind of word play where I can fit it in 🙂 But it’s also representative to me of what I’m doing and sharing. In my genealogical research, not only am I looking to the past to find more information about my ancestors (my pedigree) but I also like to collect and share when I’m able information about the ancestors still living, and have been tracking down relatives via DNA testing. (examining progenies of my ancestors).

I hope that’s a decent glimpse at what I’m up to on this blog and I hope you stick around to share in some genealogical discussions with me! 🙂

Cheers! ~ Robin

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