About Me

Wife. Mother. Teacher. Artist. Lover of History. Music Maven. Former journalist. Anglophile for the Ages. My name is Robin Helstrom and I hold many descriptors. Perhaps my favourite is genealogy junkie.

Where It All Began My genealogy journey started in earnest in 2002, when I was 14 years old. My great-grandmother, Eileen Law, gave me a binder of photographs and information on her family. The stories of my ancestors, the mysterious photographs, and perhaps something in blood memory spoke to me. I was hooked. Grandma Law got help from another relative (and Eileen) – my great-aunt, Eileen Laing who everyone affectionately called “Auntie”. Since I was very small Auntie told me stories of my ancestors that made the portraits in her spare bedroom much less spooky. Needless to say, I was hooked. Today I still am the keeper of the family story and have now branched into DNA testing too.

What Else I’m Into Outside of genealogy, I keep busy being the wife to an excellent husband, Ken, and mother of a high energy little girl named Abigail. I enjoy binge watching Doctor Who, revelling in a decent period drama, or reciting scenes from Monty Python with friends. Currently, I’m exploring the world of watercolour painting and bullet journaling while also attending Brandon University to receive my Bachelor of Education.